What do facials do for your skin ?

With botox and fillers fast becoming the go to treatment to look younger is a facial still worth the money ? . The answer is absolutely even a basic facial (without machines)  cleanse and hydrate the skin, offering a great sense of rejuvenation. Most facials include exfoliation, which  removes dead skin cells & make room for new skin cells to flourish. Massage helps lift and tone the facial muscles as well as encouraging blood flow to the skin helping to detoxify the body and give the skin a healthy glow,  moisturisers used are  rich in nutrients that promote skin health.

do more expensive products make a better facial ?

There is a vast array of delicious smelling facial products, Decleor, Guinot, Elemis, Dermalogica, Clarins etc and while these facials are wonderfully relaxing and pampering are the results of your facial better than if they used a basic high street brand, frankly no !   And with therapists on commission for selling you the products for home use at hundreds of pounds this is an expensive outing.

However if you are adding the latest technology to your facial  such as microdermabrasion,  ultrasound, high frequency, microcurrent, dermal rolling  and radio frequency then regular facials can certainly help lift and tone your face keeping you looking younger for longer.

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